Marriage & Civil partnership

Courts are deliberately misled by a quarter of divorce petitions

The time has come to introduce divorce without blame, argues Conservativ

12 Oct 2015

High net worths negotiating divorce settlements rather than risk loss of privacy

To say the law on press reporting 'is a mess' would be a 'serious understatement', says Mosty

01 Oct 2015


Across the pond, divorce selfies are becoming the new trend as couples celebrate reaching an amicable split by sharing the image on socia

25 Sep 2015

The Marriage Act 2013: A battle half won?

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, enacted in England and Wales in March 2014 with Scotland following suit the following December, has gone down as one of the greatest pieces of sociall

15 Sep 2015

The Cohabitation Rights Bill: Where are we now?

As the number of cohabiting couples increases, Carla Ditz considers whether new legislation will provide these families with adequate lega

08 Sep 2015

60-second interview: Mena Ruparel on returning to practice

The solicitor and arbitrator talks to Laura Clenshaw about the pressures of returning to work in the significantly changed famil

21 Aug 2015

Same-sex marriage: A constitutional tidal wave?

Carla Ditz considers the response to legalisation of same-sex marriage in the US and whether other countries will now follo

28 Jul 2015

Reforms to family justice: A force for change or disruption?

Resolution discusses whether modifications to the family courts have improved matters for the organisation and its clients, or whether the legal aid cuts have made the change

21 Jul 2015

Private family law cases suffering as a result of court reforms

Resolution members say delays cause long-term conflict betwee

13 Jul 2015