Marriage & Civil partnership

How do you sell peace 
in an adversarial world?

If society views relationship breakdown as predominantly adversarial, mediation will be seen as a difficult choice - but it's a challenge we must meet, writes Juli

08 Dec 2015

Gay couple’s international custody battle to be decided by Supreme Court

Top court to clarify law with far-reaching impact, says intervene

07 Dec 2015

End of the blame game 
in divorces?

Carla Ditz assesses the present state of the law and the campaign ?to alter the unnecessarily acrimonious route t

01 Dec 2015

Putting children first

Consider collaborative law and arbitration as out-of-court options this Family Dispute Resolution Week, advises Austi

17 Nov 2015

Domestic violence, 
society, and the law

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the issue of domestic violence is one of the most emotive topics in family law. After all, our home and the people we love are supposed to be refuges fro

17 Nov 2015

Child support: Mind the gap

Separating parents must consider future education costs as early as possible to avoid a lacuna in the law surrounding child support, explains Carl

03 Nov 2015

No-fault divorce

The fault-based nature of divorce in England and Wales, which requires one person to accuse the other of adultery or unreasonable behaviour to have their divorce granted within two years of marriag

16 Oct 2015