Marriage & Civil partnership

Shaking up the cost rules

Should the 'no order' principle be changed in financial remedy cases, wonders Marilyn Stowe

Open Family Courts: Transparent justice or privacy invasion?

Is allowing unwarranted attention to be turned to famous divorcing couples the price you pay for an open court? What is, and how do you find, a good balance, asks Pippa Allsop

Immigration tribunal fees hike may unlawfully discriminate

Fee increases will disproportionately affect BAME applicants, says president of the Law Society

Modern family, modern values, modern law

Simon Bruce acknowledges the age-defining case of Re B, in which a contemporary Supreme Court tackled international family justice fit for the 21st century

Charging orders: New rules for family practitioners

Charlotte Symes advises on recent changes relating to the enforcement of family financial orders

A legal history of change

160 years later, reforms are still being made to our legal system; District Judge Nigel Law urges the profession to embrace them

From the archive: April 17, 1869

Since our last publication the Married Women's Property Bill (a copy of which will be found in our last week's issue) has passed its second reading without a division, and has been referred to a Select Committee.