Marriage & Civil partnership

Munby: media access to court documents is essential

Public has legitimate interest in how family courts' exercise power, says senior famil

14 Nov 2013

Government unveils new quality assurance standards for family experts

Experts still expected to seek feedback under new rules to come into force in Apri

13 Nov 2013

Government not doing enough to support family mediation

Flagship policy needs more active engagement with lawyers and th

11 Nov 2013

Experts: from 'reasonably required' to 'necessary

The Court of Appeal is increasingly supporting robust case management decisions but what are we to make of the new requirements that family law experts should be 'necessary', asks Graem

15 Oct 2013

Law Society makes peace with Christian Concern over banned conference

'Full debate' on same sex marriage promised at Chancer

21 Jun 2013

Prest: ‘Evasion’ will make the court look behind corporate personality

Following judgment in VTB v Nutritek [2013] UKSC 5, Mrs Prest was cautioned on several occasions not to hold her breath with regard to a favourable outcome in her own appeal to the Supreme Court. S

14 Jun 2013

Prest: transfer of assets to corporate structures will be harder to challenge

Family lawyers' hopeful anticipation of the judgment of the Supreme Court in Petrodel v Prest has been misplaced. Those voices shouting about a new dawn in the treatment o

14 Jun 2013

Prest: a very English solution

In Prest v Petrodel the Supreme Court kept company law principles intact and used property and trust law to reach a fair conclusion - but not all agree with Lord Sumption. Hazel Wright takes a close

14 Jun 2013

Petrodel v Prest: achieving fairness in matrimonial disputes through inferences

The conduct of the husband in Prest v Petrodel was key to the case, says Ann Northover and Spence

14 Jun 2013