Lawyers welcome reform of divorce laws to enable no-fault divorce

The Law Society of England and Wales has welcomed the government’s proposed reforms of divorce law today, after a consultation found family law practitioners to be broadly in support of th

09 Apr 2019

Price of success: the hidden costs of financial dispute resolution hearings

FDRs were going to make divorce proceedings fairer and faster but instead they have led to mechanical lawyering; divorce lawyers must now offer better solutions for clients, says Jame

02 Feb 2019

Unintended consequences of new divorce petition

New form could lead to an increase in applicants naming a third party out of malice or inadvertence, warns Joh

22 Aug 2017

One in the eye for the entitlement generation

The Court of Appeal’s decision in Sharp is a modern view on family finance, explains Simo

09 Aug 2017

You keep the house…

The Supreme Court’s ruling in Birch v Birch highlights the cost of rehousing on divorce cases, explains Haze

07 Aug 2017

Is the ex-wife expected to work?

Alec Samuels provides an overview of the principal issues to be considered in maintenanc

31 Jul 2017

Divorce and intra-UK jurisdiction disputes

Amy Scollan discusses the contrast between English and Scottish law on matrimonia

17 Jul 2017

Mental capacity and family proceedings

Mariko Wilson discusses the checks and balances in place to ensure that vulnerable clients are protected and their interests properly represented in famil

05 Jul 2017

What is a ‘short’ marriage?

The decision in Sharp adds further uncertainty to the already inexact science of the division of finances on divorce, writes Pipp

03 Jul 2017