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Angela Fox v (1) Michael Rangecroft (2) Elmbridge Borough Council

Section 63A of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 required that an employee had to prove on the balance of probabilities primary facts from which the employment tribunal could conclude that an employer had performed discriminatory acts. The tribunal would assess whether the inference of discrimination could be drawn, and in performing that task, could assume there was no adequate explanation for those facts. If an inference of discrimination was not drawn in that way, the employee would lose, and only where there was such an inference would the burden of persuasion move to the employer.

Bradford & Bingley v Mohammed Rashid

Letters from a mortgagor seeking time to pay the shortfall due under a mortgage following repossession and sale of the mortgaged property were acknowledgements of the debt due to the mortgagee for the purpose of the time limits under the Limitation Act 1980 and were not protected by the without prejudice rule from being admitted in evidence as acknowledgments.