Tribunals & Courts

A mistake no lawyer should have made

The lessons of a case from 1917 are as relevant now as they were 100 years ago, writes Davi

31 Jan 2017

Employment tribunal reform should be handled with care

Digitally excluded and vulnerable groups must be protected, sa

23 Jan 2017

Civil standard of proof in solicitors tribunal a mere ‘Christmas list’

SDT maintains criminal standard appropriate even though proceedings ar

22 Dec 2016

Rebalancing the scales of justice

From shedding two-tier contracts to court closures and a dangerous drive towards securing convictions, 2016 has seen ups and downs for legal aid practitioners, recounts Jonatha

22 Dec 2016

Parliament versus the people

In rejecting the government’s article 50 appeal, the Supreme Court will not be defying the will of the people. It might, however, rebel against parliament raising court fees, says Kerr

06 Dec 2016

Senior magistrate criticises court closures in Wales

‘MoJ needs to fully take into account the reliance of court users on public transport’, says Magistrates Associatio

02 Dec 2016

Lord Chief Justice drops the mic on tabloid journo

Where is the ‘dividing line is between criticism and abuse’, asks Lor

01 Dec 2016

Court hears rare treatment withdrawal application for minimally conscious patien

Mr Justice Charles criticises Legal Aid Agency for advancing any argument ‘to avoid paying lega

29 Nov 2016

Judiciary take Truss to tribunal over pension changes

Hundreds of judges join mass discrimination claim against Ministry o

15 Nov 2016