Contracts & Rights

Close protection

Alec Samuels considers the abuse of prepayments and deposits and how consumers should be protected

05 Feb 2020

Putting off the competition

Drafting effective restrictive covenants in a law firm’s partnership deed is vital to protect the firm against team moves which can be catastrophic, s

07 Nov 2019

Law Commission confirms validity of electronic signatures

The Law Commission has confirmed that electronic signatures can be used to execute documents and are, in most cases, a viable alternative to handwritt

12 Sep 2019

Whistling to a funder’s tune?

Different types of litigation funding can influence a claimant’s choice of venue, adding to the complexity of their decision making, explain Ben Pilbr

23 Aug 2017

Taylor Review: The work starts now

David Widdowson discusses the recommendations of the report on modern employment practice and whether this will be enough to bring UK regulations up t

08 Aug 2017

Ashley wins court case over £15m pub deal

No evidence to suggest Sports Direct owner concludes deals outside of senior management meetings, say

28 Jul 2017

Religious dress in the workplace: Achbita and Bougnaoui reconsidered

It is hard to reconcile the CJEU’s recent decisions on religious dress in the workplace with a genuine commitment to preventing discrimination, writes

22 May 2017

The gig economy and workers’ rights

As flexible business models become more widespread, the law needs to be simplified to provide easier ways to determine the working status of an indivi

02 Mar 2017

Safety umbrella: A temporary fix to liability?

Far from being an issue specific to employment, the ‘gig economy’ has given rise to questions about the traditional boundaries of employer liability c

24 Feb 2017