Preserving one’s position

Rizvan Mussa and Salima Mawji reflect on the latest High Court guidance on judicial review and

25 Sep 2017 | Education

Disadvantaging young people

Turkey’s removal of Darwinism from the classroom raises questions closer to home, explain

11 Sep 2017 | Education

Certainty over regular attendance

A recent Supreme Court decision clarifies the meaning of regular attendance, says To

25 Apr 2017 | Education

How safe is schools’ monitoring of pupils?

Clare Edwards examines the privacy implications of the eSafe service and what schools should

27 Mar 2017 | Education

Landslide vote for human rights lawyer

Glasgow University students send message of unity against hatred an

24 Mar 2017 | Crime

How will the GDPR affect schools and universities?

Educational institutions will need to be increasingly diligent about how they use and process

21 Feb 2017 | Education

A break for term-time holidays?

Fenella Morris QC and Anna Bicarregui consider the Supreme Court appeal on term-tim

14 Feb 2017 | Education

Testing across the pond

Joanne Kane considers how the proposed SQE compares to the approach taken in US ba

12 Dec 2016 | Education

Will the new SQE really promote diversity?

The SRA can’t be expected to come up with a fix for all social justice issues but its current

07 Oct 2016 | Education

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