Gutierrez scores a victory for discrimination

The Newcastle player's claim is a reminder to employers of the importance of ensuring a level playing field for disabled and non-disabled employees, wr

10 May 2016 | Discrimination

Indirect discrimination in Naeem and Essop

Sean Jones QC considers the questions likely to come before the Supreme Court in two upcoming employmen

Equality Act not protecting the disabled, peers find

Lords committee slams government inaction, the introduction of tribunal fees, and cuts to lega

24 Mar 2016 | Discrimination

Diversity lesson of the week: Challenge authority when it is misguided

'Everyone is entitled to equality under the law'; BSN award winner Walter H. White Jr calls on lawyers following a rise in xenophobia in Western Eu

Lord Hodge: 'Women want true equality not positive discrimination'

Supreme Court justice comes out against diversity quotas for th

03 Nov 2015 | Discrimination

How do we find a representative judiciary?

Turning UK judges into elected politicians is no way to reform the system for the better, writes John van de

25 Sep 2015 | Discrimination

Women have been patient for 100 years, Lord Sumption

When will the profession call time on marginalising its female lawyers, asks John van de

Blood donations: Sexual preference and science

Paul Stanley QC asks whether the CJEU's interpretation of the European Charter meant it took a narrow approach t

The Marriage Act 2013: A battle half won?

The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013, enacted in England and Wales in March 2014 with Scotland following suit the following December, has gone down as

15 Sep 2015 | Discrimination

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