COVID-19 emergency laws to trigger virtual courts

Emergency legislation which would facilitate the acceleration of virtual courts in some cases could be brought forward as the coronavirus situation wo

09 Mar 2020

MoJ criminal legal aid proposals: ‘Fiddling while Rome burns’

Defence practitioners are on the verge of ‘extinction’, the Law Society president warned today.

28 Feb 2020

Losing blind justice

David Kirwan ponders whether filming in the criminal courts could lead to the nation’s new ‘X Factor’

19 Feb 2020

‘Enough is enough’: no early release for terrorists

No convicted terrorist entitled to automatic early release will be allowed to leave prison until the Parole Board says they can, under emergency laws

11 Feb 2020

Calls to criminalise cyber-attacks on automated passenger vehicles

Automated transport risks cyber-attacks and passenger safety, and new criminal offences should be introduced, Kennedys has said.

06 Feb 2020

Wide-ranging Tory manifesto fails on the ‘how’

The Conservative Party’s manifesto, launched yesterday (24 November) sets out an ambitious plan on what it will do if it wins the forthcoming ge

25 Nov 2019

Government to review controversial release under investigation

Tens of thousands of suspects are being released under investigation without any time limits or conditions, according to the Law Society, but the gove

06 Nov 2019

Police use of AI to predict crimes can “amplify human bias”

Artificial intelligence (AI) used by UK police to predict crimes may “replicate and in some cases amplify” existing biases, according to n

18 Sep 2019

£5m increase for rape and sexual abuse victims

Specialist support services for victims of rape and sexual assault will receive a £5m boost from the government, Justice Minister Wendy Morton M

18 Sep 2019