Cohabitation and societal upheaval

There is scope for significant reform to cohabitation law if only we looked to other

27 Jan 2021 | Cohabitation

The dangerous assumption of cohabitation rights

Pippa Allsop asks why the legislators have not yet kept up with societal changes, when even

11 Sep 2019 | Cohabitation

Family Justice Bill gives MPs chance to finally address

Survey highlights need for a serious debate about reform, writes Matthe

06 Apr 2017 | Cohabitation

Being civil

Fixing the civil partnership anomaly is only the first step of a bigger cohabitation reform

24 Feb 2017 | Cohabitation

Time for action

Despite the recent Court of Appeal judgment, it is clear the ban on opposite-sex civil

24 Feb 2017 | Cohabitation

Cohabitants and pensions – jointly and severally

While the immediate significance of Brewster is limited, it once more shines a light on the

21 Feb 2017 | Cohabitation

‘Long overdue’ cohabitation laws urgently needed

Lawyers call on government to introduce protection for fastest growing family typ

08 Nov 2016 | Cohabitation

Cohabitation myths debunked, again

John M Fotheringham draws attention to the dangers of ignoring a potential alternative

17 Aug 2016 | Cohabitation

cohabitation myths

Mariko Wilson discusses some commonly held false beliefs regarding the legal rights of

02 Aug 2016 | Cohabitation

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