Clinical negligence

The correct use of the Bolam test

Dr Jock Mackenzie considers recent clinical negligence cases which raise the question of when the Bolam, Montgomery, and Penney tests shoul

08 May 2017 | Clinical negligence

Fixed recoverable costs are the wrong medicine

The government should consider alternatives to reducing the NHS’s bill before imposing a costs cap, argues Gre

18 Apr 2017 | Clinical negligence

An open letter to the Lord Chancellor and the Ministry of Justice

The government’s whiplash reform package will fail and this i

02 Mar 2017 | Clinical negligence

Lord Chancellor cuts personal injury discount rate

Insurers warn of soaring claims costs and motor premiums following ‘crazy

27 Feb 2017 | Clinical negligence

Fixing the fixed costs proposals

The government’s proposals do not take into account the most complex cases, those involving bereavement, or the delaying tactics of the NHSLA, writes Bhave

21 Feb 2017 | Clinical negligence

Costs claimed are not costs paid

Nigel Poole QC explores the implications of capping clinical negligence fees payable by th

21 Feb 2017 | Clinical negligence

Court of Appeal victory for patient choice over medical paternalism

Medical advice must be clear, comprehensible, and highligh

16 Feb 2017 | Clinical negligence

Tackling a deny, delay, defend culture

A NAO audit promises to shine a light on the NHSLA but will it come too late to influence the introduction of fixed fees, wonders Nin

14 Feb 2017 | Clinical negligence

Developments in clinical negligence

Dr Jock Mackenzie rounds up recent case law, including a decision on whether a claimant was contributorily negligent for failing to draw attention to chang

07 Feb 2017 | Clinical negligence

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