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News review: Historical wedding, HMRC rules for salaried members and Savile estate

Church of Scientology sees first UK marriage

24 February 2014

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Church of Scientology sees first UK marriage


Historical wedding: The first Church of Scientology UK marriage took place yesterday after the Supreme Court upheld a legal battle to prove the chapel constituted a lawful "place of meeting for religious worship", The Daily Telegraph reports. The registrar general of births, deaths and marriages refused to register the chapel for marriages because it was not a place for "religious worship" in the law. Five Supreme Court justices upheld Louisa Hodkin and Alessandro Calcioli's challenge last July.


HMRC rules: The new rules for salaried members of UK limited liability partnerships will continue to be effective from 6 April 2014, HMRC has said. It has, however, made several important changes to its revised technical note and guidance (published late Friday afternoon) in response to requests. Amendments have been made to each of the conditions for determining salaried member status. See Managing Partner.


Savile estate: Jimmy Savile's victims should be able to claim against funds left in his will to the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust, which inherited most of his £4.3m estate, lawyers will argue at the High Court today. The Times reports that the trust is applying to replace NatWest bank as the estate executor. Trustees said in 2012 that they would close the charity.


Prison risk: George Osborne will launch a campaign warning people who hide money offshore that they risk going to prison, The Guardian reports. The decision comes after G20 finance ministers met to agree new standards on exchanging information about offshore bank accounts. The G20 is also trying to stop multinational companies shifting their profits around different jurisdictions to avoid paying tax, signing a pledge to deliver ''effective, practical and sustainable measures''.


Unassessed risks: The HS2 route could increase the risk of flooded homes, The Daily Telegraph reports. Dan Rogerson, floods minister, has said that officials had not yet assessed any probable flood risk from the route's first section, from London to Birmingham. David Lidington MP said that construction will require removing farmland that "soaks up surface water" and should "act as natural flood protection" for "sceptical" constituents.


Overseas recovery: Overseas criminals' assets will be targeted in an effort to recover £10m, The Times reports. The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, said that criminal asset recovery would be a priority for the Crown Prosecution Service. Six specialist lawyers will work with foreign authorities: one lawyer is off to Spain and a second to United Arab Emirates. Spain is a target because of its close connection to Britain.

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