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HMCTS ploughs ahead with covid court hours – and 1,600 new court staff

More ‘radical steps’, including 1,600 new court staff, have been unveiled by HMTCS in a drive to tackle the crisis in the justice sys

Lockdown 2 begins but ‘better prepared’ courts stay open

As the nation beds down into its second UK lockdown, the courts are continuing to operate

Being human

In the shift to digital, we must not overlook the human touch, says Helen Hamilton-Shaw

Nightingale Courts rolled out in Bristol and Chester

Two new courts have started hearing cases this week

Solicitors to get vote on reform to Law Society council

Solicitors will have the opportunity to vote on a range of proposals to reform the governing Council of the Law Society of England and Wales

Overturning a coroner’s verdict

Coroners’ investigations are limited in nature leaving families seeking answers, as Ben Keith and Benjamin Burge explain

13 Oct 2020 | Covid-19

The paradox of change

A sense of purpose will be the hallmark of successful hybrid working, says Nicola Jones

The end of democracy?

Are we facing societal collapse as a result of an apathetic attitude to the rule of law?

The UK race fairness commitment

A conversation around BAME research resulted in a race fairness pledge for the profession, as Segun Osuntokun explains

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