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Child contact charity reports fall in solicitors’ referrals

The proportion of referrals from solicitors to the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC) has fallen by 46 percentage points sinc

Supervision, but not as you know as it

Supervision of lawyers is a vital tool in their resource kit which would fundamentally change how they deal with relationships, and should be compulsory for family law firms, argues Gillia

Consent and clinical negligence

A surgeon may be found liable if informed consent cannot be proven even if the surgery itself wasn’t negligent, as James Wilson-MacDonald and Nicholas Tod

One day, a whisper

A diminishing number of clinical negligence lawyers can mount an effective claim today compared to 30 years ago, as Richard Bar

Record rise in legal action against powers of attorney

Court action against people acting with power of attorney on behalf of vulnerable people leapt by 55 per cent in the last year – a recor

Authored by AI

Here be crypto dragons: it’s all about the evidence, proclaims th

Online probate service launched

A national pilot allowing legal professionals to access an online probate service is being rolled out by HM Courts and Tribunals Servic