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Poor quality

The introduction of a quality assurance scheme in this delicate legal environment would be disastrous, warns Sophie Khan

Who you gonna call?

The green paper post-mortem paints a bleak picture of what civil legal aid provision will look like if the MoJ gets its way. For firms intent on continuing to provide legal aid services, the proposed ten per cent fee cut will slice such a large chunk off their thin profit margins that their very existence will be in question, possibly leaving only large volume suppliers in that space. Some sectors are already predicting that practices will have to turn away half of their clients, making substantial restructures, redundancies and closures a distinct possibility. So, as firms begin to digest the details of the coalition's consultation on legal aid cuts, the worst hit offer a snapshot of what their services may look like come the revolution.

Delicate condition

When outcomes focused regulation is adopted next year, the SRA's power to impose conditions on practising certificates is likely to increase – bringing both comfort and concern, says Susanna Heley

Update: police

With a glut of cases hitting the upper courts this quarter, Caroline Day and Jill Lorimer take us through the latest rulings on admissions of guilt, risky identifications and the detention of goods seized under unlawful warrants