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A man for all seasons

In January 2003, Ralph H. Baxter, Jr. was voted in for his 5th term as chairman and CEO of Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe, LLP. In the thirteen years of his tenure, the firm has doubled in size, quintupled in revenues and expanded from a domestic to international practice. As success often breeds success or at least the hope of it, Baxter is now more enthusiastic than ever to extend the firm’s growing international presence, despite the prevailing economic uncertainty. Caroline Poynton talks to the man leading the pack.

Goldmile Properties Ltd v Lechouritis [2003] EWCA Civ 49

Landlord carried out repairs to outside of building - Tenant carrying on restaurant business claimed for loss of profit as result of disruption - Landlord taking all reasonable care did not breach covenant for quiet enjoyment - Landlord not required to take all possible precautions - Competing covenants to be interpreted and applied so as to give effect to both if possible

Lawyers restricted from acting on client boards

In a move aimed at clarifying the position of non-executive directors, the government commissioned Higgs Report has recommended that advisers should be unable to act as non-executive directors to companies their firm has advised in the last few years.