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Negotiating with Health Authorities and Local Authorities: Does this achieve any change?

Legal Considerations Negotiating with both the SSD and the Health Authority brings into play skills which may not be familiar to practitioners but which are important to consider as to whether to use ADR or when the alternative - litigation may be necessary. However litigation should be the last recourse unless it is quite clear that there is to be no negotiation or the actions of either body are so unreasonable to warrant such action. Negotiation is the key to getting a better package of care.

Listening to Your Clients...and the Survey Says?

Developing a client relationship management strategy is a long and arduous process requiring a thorough evaluation of your services. The question is where do you start? The most obvious place is to ask your clients what they think of the services you provide, but as Chris Pullen has discovered there is more to carrying out a client survey than meets the eye...