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Practice management

Getting Serious About Keeping Your Best People

Osborne Clarke OWA has recently been identified in a Commercial Lawyer survey as ''the English law firm with the highest qualified staff retention rate'' what is their secret? Chris Bull, chief executive, and Sue Wiles, head of Human Resources, provide an insight into the strategy Osborne Clarke uses to retain its people and emphasise the perils of making assumptions about retention.

Flexible and Part-Time Working

Peter Cooke, managing partner of Theodore Goddard argues that all firms have much to gain by ensuring that they attempt to lure back the increasing number of trained lawyers who have left private practice and indeed the profession, and furthermore, that the techniques applied by the successful flexible worker can contribute to best practise elsewhere.

No cause to fear the unknown

At some stage, most law firms will face the ''existing client vs. new client'' conundrum, but do these same firms recognise the true value of the clients they already have, and the cost to the firm of losing that client? Leslie Lintott, managing partner at Penningtons, warns of the dangers and consequences of assuming the quality of your service provision without first consulting with the experts...your clients.