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To e or not to e: what is the future of smaller law firms?

In March, Martindale-Hubbell, publishers of the Butterworths Law Directory, launched ''Lawyer''; its new web sitedesign and marketing service, specifically developed to allow smaller law firms to net the benefits of the e-revolution. Yolanda Dolling, product development director at Martindale-Hubbell, outlines the challenges facing the UK''s 10,000 small to mid-sized practices.

Time for a new website?

Whether you are planning your firm''s first website, or you have an established site and are considering moving from a traditional "brochure ware" site to a full e-commerce site you are entering a process fraught with risks. In this article Richard Martin and Mark Smith, of Morgan Cole, look at some of those risks and how to minimise them.

German firms on brink of salary war

German law firms are on the verge of a salary war. Competition between German law firms for graduates has forced an increase in salaries, with first year graduates now attracting up to DM195,000 (£62,600), including bonuses