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Mergers - getting IT right

While IT is rarely a deal-breaker in any corporate merger, ignoring it can have a significant impact on any increased value that the merger can release. In this article, Julian Boardman-Weston and Sue Barker argue that any merger-driven IT strategy should be thought out and proactive from the outset.

New Fees at the Public Trust office By Martin Terrell

One of the most common complaints about the Public Trust Office has been the level of fees charged to its clients. It has been a well founded criticism that a patient, who has already lost control over his affairs has to pay for the privilege of having his affairs monitored by the Public Trust Office.These costs must furthermore be paid out of his taxed income. If the patient is even more unfortunate to lack a friend or relative to act as his receiver then he must have the Public Trustee take on this role. The cost of having the Public Trustee as receiver is even higher and it is hardly a consolation to know that the cost would be even higher but for the charges levied on patients with private receivers.

Restructure at Axxia Systems

Leading legal IT solutions provider, Axxia Systems, has announced details of a significant restructuring and expansion of its sales department. The changes have been driven by the company''s desire to increase account management resources and the quality of client relationships in response to their growing user base and ambitious UK and international expansion.