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e-b1s Business 1 Stop, a new interactive support service for small to medium sized businesses, has been developed in conjunction with UK law firm, Steele & Co. e-b1s Business 1 Stop will, for the first time, allow businesses will have access to professional services, including law, on-line.

Leadership and Management

For over 33 years I have been involved with professional services businesses in one way or another. Writes Christopher Honeyman Brown.My experience of leadership is overwhelmingly that professional service businesses veer away from the specific development of leadership skills. Moreover, the same approach is taken to management skills and the net result is that many professional service firms fail to deliver to their true potential.

The British Funeral Service

In the first half of the 20th century funeral directors, or undertakers as they were more commonly known, were to be found almost on every street corner in the larger towns and cities, undertaking duties which were ancillary to other business activities, such as joinering or building. In the late fifties a significant change occurred: chapels of rest were being introduced by more and more funeral firms and relatives no longer had to have the coffin brought into the home or kept at the hospital until the day of the funeral. By the sixties the multitude of urban undertakers was dwindling rapidly, due mainly to the proprietors reaching retirement age with no children to take their businesses and, therefore, no inclination to spend capital on providing chapels of rest. Many other firms continued their joinering work but abandoned the role of undertaker