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Practice management

Knowledge Management. Implementing knowledge management lessons learned.

Knowledge management is truly a multi disciplinary venture, requiring expertise in strategy development, business process design, change management or people issues, as well as technology expertise, the need for each of these four areas, which is becoming common wisdom in the marketplace, provides a framework for this article. A knowledge management solution needs to be linked to and support a firms strategic objectives as well as have its own strategic objectives. It must support key business processes as well as have its own clearly defined knowledge processes for facilitating the creation, acquisition, synthesis, sharing, and use of information, insights, and information. By Bill Ives and Adam Gersting.

The first 100 days. A case study

I have every faith in your abilities Jane, I know you can sort this firm out. Those infamous words of encouragement from John Parsons (57), the firms Senior Partner, were uttered just before Christmas, 1999. They had echoed continually around Jane Allens (39) head every since. By Tom Kennie and If Price.

Intranet based management knowledge systems: getting a return for your investment

Managing Partner held its first annual conference in January. What clearly emerged was that: 1. most law firms already have intranets in place and want to fulfil their potential; and 2. delegates were interested not in the technology but in the business benefits, they wanted a return on their investment. This article, therefore, focuses on an area of immediate concern to managing partners, how to extract real value quickly from intranet investments, by using them to manage the business more profitably. By John Morgan and Gerry Cryer.

Practice management solutions are easy. It's identifying the real problems that's difficult!

For some partners the move into a management position, or indeed into the role of managing partner, in a professional service firm, can be an unsettling and frustrating experience. Gone are the old certainties associated with advising clients on professional matters. In come the new challenges of dealing with increased levels of ambiguity, with fewer absolute rules to follow and even fewer cast iron guaranteed solutions to management and business dilemmas. Confronted with such circumstances many partners seek certainty - solutions which will work. As consultants we are regularly asked to'' just tell us what to do'' usually associated with ''and by the way we do not need any of that theory stuff - just keep it simple''. By Tom Kennie and If Price.

Knowledge Management: an introduction

Adam Gersting, a Manager within Andersen Consulting''s Technology Practice and Bill Ives, an Associate Partner with its Change Management Practice, argue that knowledge management is essential to any business or firm in today''s commercial environment

Complaints and the Mental Health Act Commission

Any complaints arising out of the exercise for the power to detain, manage and control, and the duty to treat are complaints in respect of which the [Mental Health Act Commission] has jurisdiction. It seems to me that management, control and treatment all form part of the package of compulsion which is the essence of Section 3 detention which it is the duty of the Secretary of State to keep under review under section 120(1) of the [Mental Health] Act. R v Mental Health Act Commission ex p Smith1

Community Care Case Reports

Since the landmark cases of Sefton and Gloucestershire, there have been a number of cases that have gone through the Courts, which do have an impact on the provision of community care services for clients. Anne Edis reports on the principle cases.