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Rethinking the law firm business model

Talk of a global recession may be overly pessimistic, but it is clear that the world economy is, at the very least, slowing down. Now is a good time for law firms to take a long and hard look at business practices to ensure they are positioned to weather any downturn. David Thorpe, European general manager of Elite Information Systems, advises a back-to-basics approach.

Using IT to reduce costs

Martin Tolhurst Partnership is a provincial firm that chose a difficult time to upgrade network. The millennium had just passed and legal practices were undergoing a period of upheaval with widely publicised changes to legal aid and civil litigation, not to mention the growth in other organisations that were offering the public advice on subjects that have traditionally been the preserve of the high street practitioner. Stewart Thompson, the IT manager at Martin Tolhurst Partnership, discusses how the new system has slashed costs and improved the way the partnership works.

Product News

Keep Up with the latest in law firm technology and find out who is improving their systems software and solutions.