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Keep on moving: Enabling mobile access and remote working

Working practices are changing and, as firms become more international, the demand for facilitating remote working, combined with an increasing employee demand for flexibility, means that firms are working hard to keep up with the times. Lee Hanley, IT director at Richards Butler, assesses the challenges of mobile working and suggests some practical ways for keeping firms in the fast lane.

Matter-centric management: IT hitting the bottom line

Law firms have traditionally invested in systems to manage various areas of the business, whether it be client relationships, document management or accounts. However, a new concept has arisen, business-process management (BPM), which focuses on integration as the key technology challenge of the day. Jonathan Swan, IT director at Browne Jacobson, assesses how BPM can move technology from back to front office, allowing fee earners and secretaries to seamlessly engage in processes that connect different systems through a uniform interface.

Technology column: Fee-earner-centric computing: making life easier for lawyers

One of the current hot topics in legal technology is ‘matter-centric’ computing. This means creating the digital equivalent of the old paper file, where copies of all the documents relating to a particular case or matter were stored in one manilla folder so anyone could pick up the file and immediately have the whole matter at their fingertips.

TimeKM Mobile designed to deliver flexibility

PensEra Knowledge Technologies has launched TimeKM Mobile, a TimeKM component that lets mobile lawyers instantly send and receive time and knowledge updates using a BlackBerry, GoodLink or combo data/mail wireless handheld device, such as the Treo 600.