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TimeKM Mobile designed to deliver flexibility

PensEra Knowledge Technologies has launched TimeKM Mobile, a TimeKM component that lets mobile lawyers instantly send and receive time and knowledge updates using a BlackBerry, GoodLink or combo data/mail wireless handheld device, such as the Treo 600.

Videss launch Visual Office

Videss, the Yorkshire-based supplier of IT solutions for the legal profession, has launched Visual Office – reporting software built using the Microsoft .NET framework.

Legal technology: Coping with e-mail

It is not that long ago that e-mail was still being talked about as the “killer app” that would really change the way lawyers work. And it certainly has – although perhaps not in the way originally envisaged if reports that in some City firms fee earners are spending as much of 40 per cent of their time dealing with e-mail are anything to go by.


Interface Software launches InterAction 5.1, InterAction Data Quality Services and InterAction Contact Verifier Interface Software has launched InterAction 5.1, the latest version of the company’s relationship-intelligence solution for professional-services firms and similar relationship-based organisations. The company also announced the introduction of a new professional services offering, Data Quality Services, and a new optional module, InterAction Contact Verifier. Combined, the InterAction 5.1 release and the related module and services provide a comprehensive CRM solution designed to ensure high-data quality and application usability. Baker Robbins Europe loses leading light consultant Andrew Levison, who has helped lead the London office of Baker Robbins since it was launched three years ago, is to leave the company later this year. Levison said: “I will be available to work with Baker Robbins on future projects but will also be able to offer other management services to law firm partners and managers”. CEO Brad Robbins said: “We are sorry to lose Andrew, but respect his wishes to take his skills in another direction.” Consultants from the US head office of Baker Robbins, including David Cunningham and Sally Gonzalez, will continue to work full time in London helping to support the growth of Baker Robbins within the UK and continental Europe. Firewall failings of UK law firms According to checks made by NTA Monitor, an internet security-testing company, UK law firms have the worst record for firewall security of all sectors tested. Basic flaws, which could allow major breaches by malicious hackers, were found in 82 per cent of legal organisations. Of all sites tested, 18 per cent were also vulnerable to a Check Point Firewall-1 Securemote flaw, which enables unlimited username and password guessing attempts. iManage redefines document management Collaborative content-management software provider iManage has launched the latest version of its Worksite product. Worksite 8 is intended to redefine document management – its functionality includes e-mail management, data centralisation, intranet/extranet support and knowledge management – and improve the way employees communicate with customers and one another. IM abuse in the workplace A recent study highlights the widespread use of uncontrolled, personal instant messaging (IM) in the workplace. The survey, conducted by Blue Coat, a provider of secure proxy appliances that control user communications over the web, indicates that foul language, gossiping and job gripes are commonplace in IM communication at work. The report finds that just 27 per cent of respondents in the US and 11 per cent in the UK use IM for business purposes only.

What management system

The decision to implement the latest technology to improve working processes is a wise move in delivering to clients the best legal services possible. However, confusion reigns in what various systems provide and enable, often making effective implementation impossible. Tim Travers, a consultant at Neil Cameron Consulting Group, attempts to demystify the management-systems landscape.