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A technical business: Assessing law firms and their use of IT

An important element of Ark Group’s LEX Connect in London at the end of this month is the one-to-one meetings between lawyers and solution providers, where many aspects of legal technology will be discussed. In anticipation of the event, Caroline Poynton talks to solution providers that will be at the event, including Canon, eCopy, FloSuite, Thomson Elite and Voicepath, about their perception of IT in the legal market and how they intend to go about meeting their clients’ needs.

Technology news

The Law Society is challenging solicitors' firms and in-house practices in England and Wales to improve their practices in relation to equality and diversity.

Thought leader

Virtually all large companies rely on a mix of in-house and external lawyers to meet their legal needs. For a general counsel set on achieving the best value for money for his or her company, getting the right combination of internal and external work is a continuing challenge.

Are you within the law? Managing your marketing and client data

Law firms are using marketing like never before to build presence in the marketplace and bring new business through the doors. Recent legislation, however, means that firms have to be more careful than ever to ensure that they use their clients’ data correctly. Michael Warren, client services director at Shamrock Marketing, explains why many firms are failing to comply to legislative change and what they should do to protect themselves and their clients.