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Preparing for the worst

With security incidents and technology failures increasingly hitting the headlines, the corporate value of a dependable disaster recovery and business-continuity plan should be clear.

Trend tracker: Digital dictation

When the idea of implementing a digital-dictation system was raised at Barrett & Thompson, Slough’s oldest established firm of high-street solicitors, not everyone at the firm backed the plan.

Special focus: Business process management

Increasing competition means that firms must increase partner productivity and leverage technology to deliver greater client satisfaction. The IT department is being given an increasingly strategic position within the firm as new initiatives aimed at improved client responsiveness, cost control, knowledge management, risk mitigation and information transparency drive process focus.

Editor’s foreword

In a renewed spring effort to get out and about, I recently attended the International Legal Technology Association’s (ILTA) inaugural UK event for law-firm IT professionals.

The last word: No surprises please

As firms expand, operational mistakes are more likely, and responsibility will ultimately fall on the shoulders of the firm’s managing partner. A rigorous reporting system, however, might ease the burden by providing timely and accurate information from across the firm. By James Boyd, finance director, Cobbetts

Thomson Elite aims to make history

Thomson Elite has unveiled what it describes as its most significant product launch in its 58-year history. Elite 3E is the next generation of the company’s suite of business-optimisation software for professional-services companies.

Editor’s foreword

With Elite’s launch this month of its next-generation practice-management system, 3E, there is once again a sense of excitement in the legal-technology space. The technology waters of recent years may not have been as stagnant as some commentators have suggested, but there has definitely been something of a lull following the widespread investment excitement of the late 1990s.

Q&A: A paradigm shift?

With Thomson Elite describing its latest financial and practice-management software, Elite 3E, as its most “significant product launch in its 58-year history”, Managing Partner asks Jitendra Valera, the company’s vice president, international, to explain the excitement.

Facing the threat: IT security in a volatile landscape

In a business world that is increasingly reliant on the resilience of its IT infrastructure, firms need to identify, evaluate and respond to a variety of threats that could not only bring down the IT system, but damage productivity, profitability, client service and reputation. By Greg Taylor, Ward Hadaway.