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Flying without wires

Browne Jacobson outsourced a wireless hotspot for its Birmingham office, enhancing client service and safeguarding client confidentiality at the same time.

Virtualisation: reality

All law firms need to maximise their efficiency to remain competitive. Cost-effective IT systems are crucial and server capacity is one area where considerable savings can be realised. Virtualisation software can allocate resources to multiple applications from one server.

News: CMS Watch looks to future

CMS Watch has seen in the new year by releasing its 12 predictions for the content-management market in 2007 with a warning: not much is likely to happen. “We expect to see more incremental changes, rather than epochal shifts. Despite all the industry mergers, new product versions and the ceaseless march of acronyms, the content technology industry does not, in fact, move very fast,” say the analysts at CMS Watch.

News: Eclipse to unveil latest Proclaim system

Case-management software vendor Eclipse Legal Systems is set to launch the latest incarnation of its Proclaim system in February. Version three of the software has been re-engineered to include a new user interface and web-services compatibility as standard.

News: Book writing, the wiki way

Lawyer and blogger Justin Patten, a specialist in technology and social media, is harnessing the power of social software to assist in the authoring stages of a new book, Blogging and Other Social Media: Technology and Law. It will be among the first to be released through an ‘old media’ publisher with the aid of new media technologies.

Special focus: Effective integration matters

The idea behind matter-centric practice-automation solutions is deceptively simple: create a centralised repository of all information related to a particular matter and make that information readily available to authorised users. By Bryan Roberts, vice president of international sales, Aderant