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Q&A: Jan Durant

Originally From FD Legal magazine vol 1 Issue 6: With SharePoint 2007 now the new hot topic among many law firms, CAROLINE POYNTON asked Jan Durant about Lewis Silkin''s decision to choose SharePoint and what challenges the firm now faces through the implementation period.

Unlocking the relationship paradox

Squire, Sanders & Dempsey L.L.P. introduced an enterprise relationship management (ERM) solution to merge technology with marketing and give lawyers a greater range of client contact information.

Access all areas

With rapidly evolving end-user needs, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton realised it would need a much more advanced portal that could deliver integrated business-intelligence, workflow, enterprise-search and knowledge-management solutions. However, was the firm right to choose Microsoft’s SharePoint 2007?

Cover story: Selling security

In February the Financial Services Authority (FSA) fined Nationwide almost £1m for a lost laptop containing client details, including addresses and account numbers. Customers could have been exposed to financial crime, it said. Could a law firm be next to get into a data-protection pickle?

Book review

What''s the problem with search? Type in your search term, peruse the responses, then click on the best one. Easy. That, at least, is how Google works, or how it would like you to believe it works. In a typical organisation, however, with both a public site as well as an internal intranet, it is a major challenge. On the one hand, the function usually does not generate business per se and return on investment from, say, implementing an expensive new search engine technology can be hard to calculate. On the other hand, staff certainly do need better tools in order to find the information they want – quickly – just the same as users of the public website.

Search security

It is often assumed that users want to search for data inside their business using something like Google. Information workers with a big need for tracking down information will ask for a simple interface and the same speed as the world’s favourite page crawler. It can be frustrating when consumer search sets expectations like this, but it happens in many areas of technology and the logic doesn’t always work; take mobile phones, for example.

Feature: Delivering on data management

Reliability of access to data will be a core consideration in most law firms’ risk-management strategies. Magic-circle firm Allen & Overy decided to outsource its production centre outside of London – but not without considering the costs and alternatives.

News: Microsoft hits out at Google over copyright

Microsoft’s associate general counsel, Tom Rubin, has attacked its online rival Google for its “cavalier” attitude towards copyright law in a speech to the American Association of Publishers in New York. Rubin is the chief copyright, trademark and trade-secret lawyer for the software giant. In his speech, he criticised Google’s Book Search project, an initiative to digitise and database every book ever published, for providing extracts from copyrighted books online without reaching the agreement of the books’ copyright holders first.