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Creating a better working environment:

It can be difficult for smaller firms to compete with the salaries and incentives offered by larger firms to prospective and existing employees. However, as Nina Ries, an attorney at Newell, Campbell & Roche LLP, argues, an employee’s choice of firm can be based as much on the working environment and quality of life as the offered salary and bonus schemes.

Regulatory compliance: burden or opportunity

Regulatory compliance is a serious issue for professional services organisations, as recent high profile cases, including Jonathan Duff’s conviction, Enron and WorldCom, have illustrated. Asomi Ithia, a marketing communications manager at Perceptive Technology, examines why firms and their clients cannot afford to ignore the pressures to comply and how they can make an opportunity out of a burden.

Interview: Kimbells LLP

Many law firms, aware of their status as client-driven businesses, are looking for ways to restructure their management to improve profitability and reflect the needs of their clients. Caroline Poynton talks to Jonathan Hambleton, head of corporate at Kimbells LLP about their recent conversion and how they believe that it was much more than just a question of risk management.