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Limiting loss: Managing the insolvency of an LLP

In the April issue of Managing Partner, Peter Ashford touched on some of the dangers of converting to limited-liability partnership as a risk-management strategy. In this issue, Fergus Payne, partner and joint head of partnerships and LLPs group at Lewis Silkin, tackles the issue head on, with an examination of what happens when an LLP gets into financial difficulties. For all those firms that have or will convert, it makes essential reading.

R v David Octavious Pearson [2005] EWCA Crim 1412

There could be no legitimate criticism of the appellant's first solicitor who disclosed to the police what the appellant had told him in a threatening manner. Further, there was nothing to suggest that that solicitor, who did not represent the appellant at his trial, had any influence on the conduct of the appellant's defence.

K&LNG strengthens California presence

Kirkpatrick & Lockhart Nicholson Graham (K&LNG) has opened an office in Palo Alto, California. With existing offices in Los Angeles and San Francisco, K&LNG’s Palo Alto office strengthens the firm’s presence in California and increases the firm’s total number of offices to twelve.

Risking it all? Preparing for all eventualities in a changing world

Protecting your firm from physical and/or reputational damage may seem obvious, but firms can still be knocked sideways or even under by a big claim or unforeseen disaster. And signs suggest that many firms are still not doing enough to shield themselves from even the day-to-day risks. Fraser Ashman, partnership secretary at CMS Cameron McKenna, uses his career experience in risk to explain why firms should be bothered enough to change their ways.