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Limiting the risks

Converting to limited-liability partnership has proved increasingly popular among UK law firms, but there may still be personal liabilities for LLP members, even after conversion. This is where firms will need to implement some additional protective measures.

South Africa country report: Licensing and regulation in the communications sector

South Africa currently has two key statutes governing broadcasting, and a separate statute for telecommunications. There is, however, a single regulator, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), which governs both sectors. In the first quarter of 2006 almost all of this legislation will be repealed by a convergence statute, the Electronic Communications Act (EC Act).

What’s the matter?

How a matter-centric approach to DMS implementation has improved business processes and client service at Brodies LLP. By Andrew Powell, IT director, Brodies LLP

Operational practicalities of LLP conversion

Deciding to convert to a limited-liability partnership makes a lot of sense for firms that wish to limit the personal liability of existing partners, and can also help in attracting top recruits to the firm. It can be easy, however, to underestimate the work and partner involvement required to get it right. By Derek Godfrey