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Risk & Compliance

Interview: Kimbells LLP

Many law firms, aware of their status as client-driven businesses, are looking for ways to restructure their management to improve profitability and reflect the needs of their clients. Caroline Poynton talks to Jonathan Hambleton, head of corporate at Kimbells LLP about their recent conversion and how they believe that it was much more than just a question of risk management.

Risk management special

Risk is a subject frequently ignored by law firms who were once able to sleep secure in the knowledge that negligence claims would be few and far between. Times are a-changing however, and with the number of claims rising against solicitors, risk management has come to the fore. Indeed, as this month’s articles will demonstrate, it is a perilous strategy to leave risk management on the back-burner!

Risk managment: from theory to practice

In the April issue of Managing Partner, our authors raised some important issues on the area of risk management. In this article, Bill Kirby, sales and marketing director at Axxia Systems, continues the debate with an assessment of what steps law firms should take once they''ve agreed on their general risk management strategy. In particular, he focuses on the work of the Law Society in its efforts to introduce minimum standards of operation across law firms.