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Global marketing

The fact that the legal industry is undergoing a period of rapid change is hardly a revelation. But the impact of that commonplace observation requires more careful analysis. The evolution from profession to industry requires re-developing many of the functions within the law firm. In particular, it highlights the vital role that marketing plays in running a successful and expanding legal business. Danny Collins, Associate Publisher at American Lawyer Media International, provides an overview of where legal marketing originated from, and where it’s heading. Accompanying his article are some fascinating insights from legal marketers around the world.

What a tangled web we weave

Websites should reflect what visitors want and users should be able to find what they need quickly and effortlessly. Firms with company goals as the main focus on their websites will achieve little success. Visitors need to gain an immediate positive impression in order to stay on the website and return. Keeping them there is essentially a matter of ensuring that content is valid and relevant to the visitor. Stewart Thompson of The Martin Tolhurst Partnership Solicitors explains why the content of a website and keeping that content up-to-date is so important.

Making the transition to law firm marketing

BBC business correspondent Nik Wood caused a stir in legal circles last year when he left journalism to take up the post as director of marketing with Hammond Suddards Edge. His assignments in terrorist areas of Colombia and in the tough financial markets of Japan would, he thought, prepare him for a new life in the law. In reality he found himself being thrown in at the deep end.

An addition to Dr Martens

Following an internal restructure, R Griggs Group, which makes the Dr Marten brand, has appointed William Johnson as group lawyer and company secretary.

To e or not to e: what is the future of smaller law firms?

In March, Martindale-Hubbell, publishers of the Butterworths Law Directory, launched ''Lawyer''; its new web sitedesign and marketing service, specifically developed to allow smaller law firms to net the benefits of the e-revolution. Yolanda Dolling, product development director at Martindale-Hubbell, outlines the challenges facing the UK''s 10,000 small to mid-sized practices.

Time for a new website?

Whether you are planning your firm''s first website, or you have an established site and are considering moving from a traditional "brochure ware" site to a full e-commerce site you are entering a process fraught with risks. In this article Richard Martin and Mark Smith, of Morgan Cole, look at some of those risks and how to minimise them.