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ICAS supports introduction of general anti-avoidance rule/Tax-evaders targeted in latest campaign/Securing better mental health for older adults/and more...

OFT calls for better care-home information

A one-stop-shop for information on care-home provision is needed to help older people choose the right home, according to a major in-depth OFT study published in May 2005. This should be supported by better access to complaints procedures, greater price transparency and fairer contract terms for care-home residents.

Split capital investment trusts: A case of déjà vu?

Many older clients and some trusts will have had portfolios containing split capital investment trusts. But, investment webs and debts brought some values tumbling down. Peter Cherry, a barrister at Chancery House Chambers, examines the legal issues of the debacle and contrasts it with other similar situations of a decade earlier. He addresses mis-selling as a concept and conflict-related issues, as well as how a quantum of loss might be assessed. He also considers why the position of the individual has much improved and how legal fees have been saved.

Coldrick on care home fees

ECA readers are entitled to purchase David Coldrick’s new book Coldrick on Care Home Fees at the reduced price of £145 instead of £195. With a number of important legal changes having taken place since 2002, this new publication represents more than just a complete re-write of all previous material. It is the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and practical book published on the subject and is quite different to its predecessors with a totally new format and approach.

The Bournewood gap: The conclusion

The judgement has been heard and now published by the European Court of Human Rights in respect of the Bournewood case1, which has a major impact on the detention of compliant but mentally incapable individuals for the purposes of receiving mental-heath assessments and treatment. CAROLINE BIELANSKA reports.

All change for local authority complaints procedures

In the first part of this feature, RICHARD GROSBERG, chair of the executive committee of the Law Society’s Probate Section, provides a case study relating to local authority complaints procedures in the context of financial disputes relevant to the calculation of care-home fees for older people. This is followed with an examination by DAVID COLDRICK of the present and the new local authority complaints procedure to be introduced in April 2005.