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Cover story: Marketing legal services to the grey market

Watch the film The Bucket List. In it, two sixty-something men with terminal illnesses decide to live out their wildest dreams before they die. They embark on a worldwide trip and engage in activities such as sky diving, car racing, mountain climbing and getting tattoos. It redefines the ‘grey market’, which we typically see as old and frail, and it enables us to engage with many elderly clients in a way that they are more likely to see themselves – as active members of society.

The economy and fear of recession: The challenges being faced by the private-client sector

At present, the problems facing law firms are rather like buses... they all come at the same time. Not only have private-client law firms had to consider the issues surrounding the de-regulation of the sector and its implications, but, over recent times, they have had to compete with claims handlers and financial institutions in their traditional areas of work – for example personal injury claims and will-making among others. They now face a further threat in the form of the credit crunch, which could be the death nail for many high-street firms.

Advising your client on care-homes contracts

Moving into a care home – even if it is a planned, not a crisis, move – is a very important decision for an older person and their family. It can have significant consequences for the older person’s quality of life, perhaps even their longevity. For many older people and their families there will be significant financial consequences if they either have to fund the care-home placement or contribute to the local authority payment by means of a ‘top-up’.

Systematic success

Outsourcing administrative functions allows for a far more egffective use of internal reousrces, lower costs, and better client service. And it needn''t be to the detriment of client confidentiality, according to DERWENT CAMPBELL of Mogers.


The department of health is to introduce a new unified complaints system for health and social care, to make it easier for people to complain when things go wrong. This will address the current situation under which there are separate complaints procedures for health & adult social care, making it particularly difficult for people who use a combination of services to make a complaint.

Ship-shape or shape-shift?

We''re told that there’s up to £15bn in apparently ownerless assets floating around the system in the UK alone. Even if we assume that this is a huge overestimate and there’s only around £5bn, that’s still quite an agreeable amount to find down the back of the sofa. Factor this together with the number of discrepant asset schedules that come in for probate valuation and it looks like a good bet that many PRs are — unwittingly — not fully aware of the true extent of their deceased’s portfolio. This is not surprising given how any portfolio will change in shape and complexion over the months and years, consider the buoyant mergers and acquisitions market in recent times and the effect of stock splits, dividend payouts and the like.