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Legal services

Say what you mean to say

You don't need a snazzy brochure or an arsenal of advertising material to sell your services. You just need to be clear about who you are what you're offering

Give and take

There's more to local community work and philanthropic projects than simply donating money. Time and expertise are equally valuable

Pick 'n' mix services

As more and more clients elect to handle as much of their legal affairs as possible, professional advisers are likely to expose themselves to a greater degree of risk, warns Joanna Farrands

In trusted hands

Referrals between professional advisers is one of the most secure ways of ensuring that your clients receive the guidance they need

Credit where it's due

An appraisal system that saves every criticism for an annual avalanche is unlikely to succeed; objectives should be reviewed throughout the year, advises Geraint Jones

When IQ isn't enough

Intelligence alone has never really been enough to ensure success in professional services. Without soft skills, you'll never truly burgeon