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Be wary the dangers of outsourcing

As the upheavals and the entry of new competitors into the legal industry continue apace, the benefits and consequences of outsourcing client work continue to require great awareness

Eeny meeny miny…

The exposure to different practice areas during my training contract threw up a few unexpected surprises, including one which made me rethink my long held goal of practising in private client

Growing pains

Choosing the best business growth strategy is a risky and uncertain process, but standing still will always have the same inevitable outcome, advises Geraint Jones

A shift in focus

Legal advisers are failing to deliver the service levels that a new breed of savvy and cost conscious clients expect to receive, cautions Jon Whittle

A question of patience

A dispute between the controlling parties will have a destabilising effect on any firm, but how you do stop it from completely ruining the business, asks John Dickinson

Maintaining credit

Maintaining a healthy cash flow in any line of business is essential, but it's often a case of small details creating big problems, says Geraint Jones