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Launching successful client teams: seven ways you can help

Many law firms are establishing client teams as a way to help partners uncover opportunities, cross-sell, establish multi-level relationships, and deliver the additional value that is important to large clients. When they work well, client teams strengthen the firm’s performance and the client’s loyalty. But when they fail, which happens often, client teams create tension, bureaucracy and disappointing results. David W. Woods, president of Creating Key Clients, LLC, examines why some client teams thrive and others flounder, considering some of the ways firm leadership can help launch and sustain teams that succeed.

Are there any human resources time-bombs ticking in your firm?

Most professional partnerships, particularly law firms, are better informed than the average employer about relevant labour laws and employment procedures – and yet a surprisingly high number fail to comply with them. Henry Clinton-Davis, a partner, and Cerys Williams, an associate at Brobeck, Hale and Dorr, assess potential problem areas and provide tips for partners and human resources professionals on how to avoid the pitfalls.

Interview: Georgi Spasov

Caroline Poynton talks to Georgi Spasov, managing partner at Spasov & Bratanov, on his experiences of running a Bulgarian law firm and his leadership role as managing partner.

Getting the most from executive coaching

Senior managers, partners and executives are in high-pressure positions: there is little time to reflect on their decisions and performance. They are also in isolated positions; there are few people inside the organisation that they can turn to for objective advice and support and that they can openly talk to. Jo Larbie explains how executive coaching can fill this void.

Maximising the potential of your workforce

Coaching is rapidly becoming a corner-stone for management and staff development world-wide. Anna Britnor Guest, director of the Coaching & Mentoring Network, explores how far-sighted organisations harness the power of coaching to help partners and team members hone their people and leadership skills.