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HR & Development

Andersons growing strong

Nottingham based Andersons Solicitors are enjoying a period of growth following a recruitment drive to appoint 18 new staff members in under eight months.

The managing partner's dilemma: people

Ask any managing partner what creates the greatest angst in their firm and a common reply will be people. Margaret Ford, chief executive of Good Practice Ltd, examines the problems of this sensitive area and considers what steps managing partners can take to better manage their workforce.

Manpower planning – the key to value

From October onwards, Managing Partner will feature a regular section devoted to recruitment trends across UK law firms. In this article, Kevin Cooper, a director at Longbridge International, provides an introduction to the scene, explaining the core values of HR and why it is so essential to the make-up of a successful law firm.

Firms pay premiums to recruit top-level management

Law firms competing to recruit and retain top-quality people are extending their efforts to management professionals according to a survey that shows that financial directors at some firms are earning £360,000.

E-mail: Retention, disposal and dealing with misuse

The use of e-mail has become so popular that it is used widely across all types of business. All who use it applaud the speed and efficiency gained by its use and the e-mail has become an integral part of day-to-day business. However, law firms, just as any other business, are susceptible to the risks attendant upon its misuse. We need only think back to the recent case of Weil Gotshal & Manges, where it fell foul of e-mail communication in its handling of the bankruptcy of Global Crossing, to understand the potential risks. Stephen Mason, barrister and chairman of Pario Communications, examines the legal requirements and considerations that all businesses must employ if e-mail is to continue to be such a central component of everyday business.

Olswang ditches ‘lockstep’

Olswang has become the first major London law firm to scrap the traditional UK model of annual salary bands for junior lawyers.