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HR & Development

Olswang ditches ‘lockstep’

Olswang has become the first major London law firm to scrap the traditional UK model of annual salary bands for junior lawyers.

Wragge launches London practice

Birmingham firm Wragge & Co has signalled its intention to become a player in the real estate market by recruiting Herbert Smith’s equity partner Geral Bland to head the push.

Leadership and management of change

As the year speeds its way through to the half-way point, law firms continue to face uncertain times. While certain firms have published positive results inspiring thoughts of an escape from recession, some magic circle firms are freezing salary bands, presaging fears of impending redundancies.

The very small firm – a case history

Moorcrofts Corporate Law was founded in January 2000 just at a time when the economy was taking a turn for the worse. Businesses, ever since, have been on tenderhooks waiting for a change in the conditions. Adrian Phillips, the founder of Moorcrofts, however, has witnessed the successful growth of his small law firm and is looking optimistically to the future. Hearing some of his experiences, we must wonder, does bigger necessarily mean better?

Launching successful client teams: seven ways you can help

Many law firms are establishing client teams as a way to help partners uncover opportunities, cross-sell, establish multi-level relationships, and deliver the additional value that is important to large clients. When they work well, client teams strengthen the firm’s performance and the client’s loyalty. But when they fail, which happens often, client teams create tension, bureaucracy and disappointing results. David W. Woods, president of Creating Key Clients, LLC, examines why some client teams thrive and others flounder, considering some of the ways firm leadership can help launch and sustain teams that succeed.