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Collyer Bristow’s takes over Kanaar & Co

Collyer Bristow has swallowed music and entertainment practice Kanaar & Co, and has announced the appointment of its first chief executive, in the space of a week.

German firms on brink of salary war

German law firms are on the verge of a salary war. Competition between German law firms for graduates has forced an increase in salaries, with first year graduates now attracting up to DM195,000 (£62,600), including bonuses

Associate Retention Alert in Germany

Mergers with UK and US firms have led to a potential recruitment crisis in the German associate market. Christoph.H.Vaagt gives us an insider perspective on the effects of this change in the legal market, and the steps German law firms must take to ensure they hold on to their future partners.

The Professionals - Recruitment and Retention in the Law

The fight is on for legal talent. However, the battles are not being won by law firms that are following the traditional techniques, but by those that are choosing the path of corporate recruitment. Sarah David, associate director of TMP QD Legal, discusses the very real threats to law firms wishing to expand their practices by hiring new legal talent. No longer is it a question of which law firm can provide the most fulfiling and lucrative opportunities...but which industry.

Getting Serious About Keeping Your Best People

Osborne Clarke OWA has recently been identified in a Commercial Lawyer survey as ''the English law firm with the highest qualified staff retention rate'' what is their secret? Chris Bull, chief executive, and Sue Wiles, head of Human Resources, provide an insight into the strategy Osborne Clarke uses to retain its people and emphasise the perils of making assumptions about retention.