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Business development & Strategy

Profiting from increased competition and new markets

Competition is an accepted part of legal professional practice. The forces of deregulation and new technology are set to alter the shape of competition in the legal services industry. In this article, Ben Horton of FirstLAW explores the purchasing priorities of clients and lawyers, and the response to the concept of the first regulated on-line legal services marketplace.

Let’s make support effective!

Law firms, like other professional practices, have made significant investments in support services to fee earners. There is also, in our sector, a growing interest in improving cost effectiveness in this area. Glynne Roberts, of WDS Consulting, highlights some truths behind ineffectiveness and outlines how practices might review aspects of their support services. Significant gain potential is there for the taking but some challenging questions may need answering.

Why strategic planning does not work!

While some claim that profit-per-partner is growing (and for some it has been) don’t be fooled, it is not going to last much longer for those playing the game by following the same old rules. Patrick McKenna of Edge International discusses how law firms should actively challenge the traditional concepts of management and embrace a new approach to the time old problem of strategic planning.