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LibelXpress: phase one

Even Solicitors have moved on from the quill pen and high stool and, indeed, most firms have well and truly embraced the internet revolution. But Solicitors are also anxious that they should not be part of any bubble that may easily burst. Sarah Webb of Russell Jones & Walker (RJW) discusses the progress RJW has made in the first phase of implementing LibelXpress.

No cause to fear the unknown

At some stage, most law firms will face the ''existing client vs. new client'' conundrum, but do these same firms recognise the true value of the clients they already have, and the cost to the firm of losing that client? Leslie Lintott, managing partner at Penningtons, warns of the dangers and consequences of assuming the quality of your service provision without first consulting with the experts...your clients.

Listening to Your Clients...and the Survey Says?

Developing a client relationship management strategy is a long and arduous process requiring a thorough evaluation of your services. The question is where do you start? The most obvious place is to ask your clients what they think of the services you provide, but as Chris Pullen has discovered there is more to carrying out a client survey than meets the eye...