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The next generation: An insider’s perspective of the generation X lawyer

For the past decade many firms have been battling the ‘brain drain’ of junior lawyers taking advantage of the opportunities of a vibrant domestic and international market for legal talent. This has had a significant impact on many firms with fairly high levels of staff turnover. Given that the legal profession is a ‘people business’ and that clients are won and kept (more often than not) through personal relationships, a high turnover of legal staff can impact upon a practices ability to fully develop client relationships. James Bremen, a twenty-something construction lawyer with a major Queensland law firm, comments upon the trend and offers an ‘insiders perspective’ on ways in which firms may endeavour to combat this trend.

The internet revolution

In this, the first of a two part series on developing a law firm internet strategy, Christopher Davis and Zaid Hamzah, discuss the opportunities and threats posed by the internet, the types of services that might be provided, and give suggestions as to how the strategy might be developed.

Taking the bill by the horns

As lawyers in a highly regulated global business, the Barclays legal team instructs lawyers all over the world on a huge spectrum of matters. From his experience, Jeremy Ogden of Barclays Bank gives an insight into the client’s experiences of, and thoughts on, billing, and offers some guidance on how all firms could improve their billing practices.