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Business development & Strategy

Marketing legal service in a dynamic environment

The world in which law firms seek new and represent existing corporate clients is in flux. The rules by which relationships flourished for years are changing and the means by which the firms secure business are also changing. Steve Lauer argues that firms need a clear understanding of the needs and wishes of in-house lawyers and how they seek outside legal assistance is critical.

Event strategies: Making legal events work for your firm

The International Bar Association''s (IBA) major annual conference (1), which regularly attracts over 3,000 lawyers from around the world, has established itself as the largest international market place of the legal year. This year it is in Cancun, but who is selling what to who? After promoting the event in-house for the IBA, Moray McLaren joined the marketing team at Denton Wilde Sapte where he finds himself struggling to find a framework to explain what the event means in terms of the firm''s day-to-day marketing.

The next generation: An insider’s perspective of the generation X lawyer

For the past decade many firms have been battling the ‘brain drain’ of junior lawyers taking advantage of the opportunities of a vibrant domestic and international market for legal talent. This has had a significant impact on many firms with fairly high levels of staff turnover. Given that the legal profession is a ‘people business’ and that clients are won and kept (more often than not) through personal relationships, a high turnover of legal staff can impact upon a practices ability to fully develop client relationships. James Bremen, a twenty-something construction lawyer with a major Queensland law firm, comments upon the trend and offers an ‘insiders perspective’ on ways in which firms may endeavour to combat this trend.