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CRM: a client focus special

While most law firms are implementing some kind of CRM system, it is more questionable whether these have so far delivered the desired business objectives. After all, why spend the money if it’s not going to have the necessary impact? How do you quantify the deliverables of a CRM system? How can you integrate CRM concepts into the very nature and culture of a law firm? The articles in this issue will address such challenges with plenty of practical tips for successful CRM strategies.

More research less value? How professional firms can get more out of research

As the competition intensifies, consolidation quickens and fewer firms chase fewer clients. In response, firms sense a pressing need to compete more effectively often turning to research to support those objectives. However, these same firms then miss their opportunity, neglecting to use the research that ends up gathering dust rather than being acted on. This article attempts to diagnose the reasons why research doesn’t always deliver and to identify positive actions that firms can take to ensure they make the most of an important opportunity to get value from their research.

How can law firms manage innovation? Meeting the needs of an expanding market

As partners step back from dealing with the normal in-tray of financial performance, new partners, under-performing partners, the office rent and new IT systems, there are probably any number of initiatives jockeying for position. John Atkinson and Robert Pay of Jaffe Associates, assess the innovation minefield, examining how you can lead your firm to develop new and different initiatives.