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Ingram Part 2: A Dangerous Development

The Ingram decision affects many existing arrangements made with potential inheritance tax savings of millions of pounds. In the second article examining the decision John Newth reflects on the wider implications and the disturbing developments in case law affecting tax planning arrangements.

Availability of Benefits and Access to Funding for Family Carers

This is the second part of an article from Amanda King Jones (See Volume 2, Issue 6 for part). In this issue Amanda summarises a number of different areas of law relating to benefits, funding and welfare rights of private Carers. She looks at the position from the prospective of the carer, in contrast to the elderly client, who is so often the focus of attention and advice.

Ingram Part 1: Inheritance Tax Planning and the family home

The Court of Appeal decision in Ingram and another v Commissioners of Inland Revenue (1997) STC sent shock waves through the tax planning professions, although of course, the case will undoubtedly proceed to the House of Lords. This issue features two articles examining the case. Firstly, Nick Hughes of Williams Jeffrey Barber examines the facts behind the case and provides an alternative solution

Beyond the Sefton Case and Others

Client Care Updated for Solicitors and other Professional Advisers Richard Peel, Client Relations officer at the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors examines the important client care techniques that are vital not to ensure satisfaction amongst an increasingly demanding client base. He goes on to examine why client care is especially important for those dealing with the elderly and how crucial it is to keep all clients fully informed at every stage.

The Benefits System

This is the second article in a series from Alan Robinson on the benefits system as it relates to be a general introduction to the system as a whole and it therefore covers some benefits which are inappropriate for an elderly client. These have been included in the interests of completeness and may be of general interest.

Court of Protection Case Reports

Denzil Lush, Master of the Court of Protection, summarises two recent decisions which explore the question of suitability to act as an attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney

Carers: Protection of Property Rights

INTRODUCTION The Carer was given a statutory definition by section 46 of the NHS and Community Care Act 1990. The Act defines a private carer simply as a person who is not employed to provide the care in question.

Paying for Nursing and Residential Care: Part 2 of the Kleinworth Benson

This second article by Derek Wright of Kleinwort Benson is based on the results of their unique Survey amongst those who look after someone in a care home. This article looks at how assessments under the Community Care Act 1993 work in practice and what plans are made to gift assets pre-entry to a care home. Personal tax issues are also reviewed to see whether all the available personal reliefs and allowances are being claimed. The final article in this series will then look at the financial concerns of those caring for someone in a home and the solutions available in the market to meet private care costs

Paying for Nursing and Residential Care: A Unique Survey

Derek Wright, Assistant Director at Kleinworth Benson Private Bank, provides ECA readers with results and analysis from an exclusive independent survey conducted during the past year. The survey involved questioning hundreds of individuals who acted as affairs managers for a relative or friend in residential or nursing care.