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Access to Justice for Older People

Judge Gordon Ashton examines how the law should better cater for the needs of elderly and disabled people. The author is a District Judge and a member of the Law Society''s Mental Health and Disability subcommittee. He has written several books on the subject of older and mentally disabled people at law

Case Reports

Julia Abrey, a partner with Withers, begins a regular series, keeping you up to date with the latest case law of concern of those who advise older clients.

Varying Provision on Death: Some Less Familiar Methods

By far the most common method of varying a will or the provision on intestacy is the execution of an instrument of variation; particularly when tax efficiency is a consideration. However, in some circumstances a simpler and equally efficient method may be available. This article looks at two such methods: disclaimers by beneficiaries, and elections by a spouse to capitalise a life interest to which she would otherwise be entitled under intestacy.

Budget Report :-Plan Whilst You Can

The Chancellor has not yet attacked the inheritance tax regime writes John Newth as he takes a brief look at a budget which proved rather uneventful from the point of view of elderly clients. John T.Newth FCA, FTII, FITT, is Deputy Editor of Taxation Magazine and a practising independent tax consultant.

Enduring Powers of Attorney : Some Common Queries

The area of Enduring Powers of Attorney is not as simple as it may at first appear. In this article Heather Redman, a senior solicitor specialising in wills and tax planning, probate and attorneyship, looks at common problems from the clients perspective.

Funding Options For Long Term Care

Following the Governments long awaited announcement of the establishment of a Royal Commission to examine long term care, Harriet Clarke and Gillian Parker, of the Nuffield Community Care Studies Unit at the University of Leicester, report and analyse the results of their recent survey into funding options for the care of older people.


Denzil Lush, Master of the Court of Protection, summarises a recent Canadian decision on the mental capacity required to separate, divorce, and instruct a solicitor.