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Understanding dementia

In the UK dementia currently affects 5% of those aged 65 and over and this figure rises to 20% for the over 80s. The department of health has estimated that by 2040 there will be over 1.2 million people aged over 65 with dementia

Overpayment of Benefits.<BR>The law, recovery and implications for appointees

When a person is paid benefit to which they are not entitled, there is said to have been an overpayment of benefit. That overpayment may or may not be recoverable. This is an issue which is not just one which arises in the context of someone who fails to disclose their part-time earnings, but also one which occurs among older people, especially those who may be claiming a means tested benefit for the first time, and who are unfamiliar with the system - in particular the fact that disclosure to one person will not necessarily count as disclosure sufficient to prevent an overpayment. For example, a person claiming (say) income support may well give details of their state retirement pension but fail to disclose a private pension or (as in a case known to the writer) a war pension or industrial disablement pension.

Coughlan Implications for health law and beyond

On July 16 1999 the Court of Appeal gave judgment in R v. North and East Devon Health Authority, ex p. Coughlan (The Times, July 20 1999). Whilst the principal importance of this case lies in the fields of health and social services law, the judgment of the Court of Appeal has much wider ramifications


R v. NORTH AND EAST DEVON HEALTH AUTHORITY ex parte COUGHLAN (Secretary of State for Health and Royal College of Nursing intervening).

As Safe as House Part 1

In May 1999 the Department of Trade and Industry, together with the Health Education Authority, launched a safety campaign to reduce the number of deaths and injuries due to falls in the home. The campaign called, Avoiding Slips, Trips and Broken Hips, is aimed primarily at older people. The statistics are stark

Taxation within the administration of an estate Liability and Protection

As if personal representatives did not have enough to worry about in the general administration of their estate, eg legatees demanding immediate payment of monies due to them, creditors of the estate wanting their money likewise, problems disposing of assets at the best price and possible questions arising from the interpretation of a will, personal representatives have also got to bear in mind the three main taxes and how they impact upon them during the administration of an estate


Claiming attendance allowance An ombudsman report In this edition we focus on a recent investigation by the Local Government Ombudsman into a complaint made against Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council in relation to an elderly couple who had been admitted to a nursing home in the borough.